The choice of material is key to a proper gutter system

The choice of material for a proper gutter system is key in order to avoid future problems, not to mention the spesifications. The choice material should take in consideration the project location, the gutter area of influence, and things like surrounding trees, in order to correctly and properly address the challenges to which your gutters will be submitted during its lifetime.

Not having downspouts, or not having enough of them, can lead to standing water and overflows during heavy rains. Standing water will cause among other: erosion, rust, siding damage and damage to the gutter support system and roof from excess weight.

Gutters need to be angled accurately, in order for water to flow properly. The slope should sit at the correct angle. Standing water will promote a quicker deterioration of the gutter, no matter of which is the gutter base material, therefore the possibility of standing water should be completely avoided.

Leaking gutter joints are a common gutter problem: in fact, leaking gutters are one of the most common causes of isolated damp in building’s interiors. Given that aluminium gutters are roll formed by our teams on site to fit the exact length, there are no leaks as there are no joints.  The benefit of  aluminium is that it is light and has no joints as weak spots, therefore sagging of the gutter does not occur.  Aluminium does not corrode in any climatic conditions.

Aluspan Gutters precision cut and manufacture each section of seamless aluminium to length from our profiled coils. Wastage is kept to an absolute minimum, therefore meaning we can pass on this cost savings to you.

A proper gutter system must be able to empty out the water faster than it fills up.

To summarize:

In order to ensure a proper gutter system you need the properflow of water, a few are vital to the success of the overall gutter system:

1) Seamless gutters

2) Gutter and downspout sizing

3) Slope or pitch of gutter

4) Downspout placement

5) Keeping the gutters debris free

6) Using quality parts and accessories

Taken all the considerations into account, you really have no other option than seamless aluminium gutters. For all your guttering solutions email Jaco or use our contact form.


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