Best time of the year to replace gutters

Your gutters are leaking. You hear them dripping every night as you go to bed, and when you wake up on cold winter days, icicles have formed where you don’t want to see any icicles at all. You really don’t want to replace gutters or pursue a home renovation right now. Should you postpone it, or should you leap into action? What is the best time to install new gutter systems?

There’s a trick to replace gutters, and the trick is that you need to think about renovations during the season when you don’t need to use the renovation. Gutters are an excellent example of this.  Properly maintained and cleaned gutters should last for the lifetime of the home. But if you have damage to your gutters and downspouts due to harsh weather or lack of maintenance, you may want to consider to replace gutters before the raining season. The major purpose of gutters and downspouts are to capture water runoff from the roof and to direct the flow of the runoff away from the shingles, siding and foundation of the house. If gutters and downspouts are not intact, there can be severe water damage to the house over time. Gutters and downspouts, of course, are the most useful when it rains or during a thaw.

Because you want to be sure to protect your home as best as possible, the time of year for you to replace gutters are important. By all means you should replace your gutters before any of the wet seasons. In other words, before the worst of the rainy season or thaw, you should have a system of gutters that has full integrity and will help the water flow from your home without fail. Typically, gutters are replaced when people get a new roof. Roofers like to do their job in a season where they will have as few interruptions as possible – usually the summer months. This is also the ideal time to replace your gutter system. If you live in an area that has a long rainy season, you may consider copper gutters for maximum lifetime and durability. Regardless of material, your new gutter system will be a great investment for the health of your home.

While you may need to change your entire gutter system, more likely than not you will only need to partially replace those sections and areas that are the most worn. A full replacement can be costly. But if you are doing a partial replacement job, be sure that you replace everything that is defective. No matter how costly a gutter replacement job is, fixing water damage to your roof or foundation is much more expensive.

According to Bob Vila, “gutters prevent a slew of potentially extensive, expensive moisture-related problems, all while remaining largely out of sight and out of mind.” Make sure that your gutters are being the hero of your home by choosing the right products, the right installer, and the right time to install them.

Some people choose to replace gutters on their own, while others partner with a gutter company to do the work. Hiring a Aluspan Gutter can be a relief for homeowners who may not have the physical ability or interest in braving a ladder to climb up and install gutter products. Aluspan Gutters can also create high-quality seamless gutters for your home, reducing future gutter leaks. Finally, as a renowned gutter company we have access to top of the line gutter cover products such as gutter covers that work with surface tension and incorporate a nose-forward design, so that water slides in and leaves slide off the gutter cover.

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