Facts about Aluminium Seamless Gutters!

Having regular or custom rain gutters is a crucial part of any drainage system, do not neglect them! Learn more about aluminium seamless gutters here. The best gutter on the market,  the aluminium seamless gutter system, is fast growing in popularity among homeowners, builders and architects alike. If you are in the market for a new gutter system, aluminium seamless gutters should be one of your top choices. Here is everything you need to know about the aluminium seamless gutters system. Following the many advantages associated with aluminium seamless gutter systems:


Seamless aluminium gutters are by far the most affordable type of gutter system on the market. Stainless steel gutters start at approximately R130,00 per metre while seamless aluminium gutters start from as little as R90,00 per metre.


In the gutter community it is a known fact that seamless aluminium gutters don’t leak and, moreover, that they are made from a single long piece of aluminium rather than attaching smaller aluminium pieces together (seamless). As a result  there are no joiners needed in seamless aluminium gutters, limiting the chance of leaking.


Seamless aluminium gutters last much longer, with a lifespan of up to 25+ years and, they are rust free.


Business and Homeowners can choose from a variety of colors to match the color s or their business and homes.  It comes in different colors that will match your home’s architectural style.

And if the latter isn’t enough, a few more facts about why seamless gutters are the best!

*Aluspan Gutters fabricate this popular gutter type on site, custom-sized according to your home’s exact measurements.
*A machine creates and cuts a continuous metal sheet.
*This type of gutter actually does have seams, but only on the corners and downspouts.
*Seamless gutters are easy to clean.
*You can find the seals for the seams on the inside of gutters for a clean look.
*An efficient seamless gutter prevents leaks because it does not have leak-prone areas.
*Seamless gutters prevent insect and rodent infestations, wood rot, and mold growth.
*As this type is more durable, it can prevent common gutter issues such as sagging and cracking.

Aluspan Gutters located in Western Cape supply and install seamless aluminium purpose made gutters.  Please contact jaco@aluspangutters.co.za for a free quote. Customers specific requirements are taken into consideration, and special bent-up gutters are manufactured accordingly.