Gutter Issues

Gutters issues are common and at times the issues that gets attended to last. As inconspicuous as they may seem, your gutters are incredibly important when it comes to protecting your home from all types of water damage. By diverting water away from the roof, these drainage systems work to prevent siding stains, basement flooding, cracked foundations, and more. To ensure your gutters work well all year long, Aluspan Gutters reminds you it’s important to take care of problems as soon as possible.

Gutters issues can be quickly resolve or escalate into a huge issues if not attended to immediately.  Gutters serve one main purpose; to channel water away from the foundation of your home. Obviously, it’s important to keep your foundation in good shape, since that’s literally what is holding up your entire home. In order to keep water away from the foundation, your gutters need to be kept in good condition. That’s a pretty good reason to make sure they’re in good condition.

If you have a gutter issue check if your gutters look weak or separate from the roof, your drainage system could be having problems. If there is a gap between the gutter and roof, for instance, water has the opportunity to drip down the side of the house. When caught early, you can repair this problem by installing new hangers along the fascia.

In addition to watching out for these gutter issues, it’s also essential to make sure you have quality gutters installed in the first place to prevent drainage issues. The seamless aluminium guttering route not only has obvious aesthetic appeal but also has a lifetime durability span. If you need new gutters installed in the Western Cape, Aluspan Gutters offers exceptional, precision service to help identify your gutter issues and to protect your home from water damage. Email Jaco from Aluspan Gutters at for a free quotation today.