Bad weather is coming, check your clogged gutters!

Clogged gutters will damage your house! Bad weather is on the way, best you check your gutters to prevent further damage. Once gutters are free of debris, test them for leaks in order to make any necessary repairs.

  • Step 1: Find your position. Set up a ladder where you can climb it easily or choose a spot around the house that gives you access to the top of the gutters.
  • Step 2: Run the hose. Take the garden hose, turn it on, and take it to your position. Place the hose inside the gutter so the water will run into it. Either set the hose up so it will not move or get a helper to hold the hose in position for you.
  • Step 3: Walk around the perimeter. Check the entire perimeter of the house and look for water draining down from the gutters anywhere it shouldn’t. Periodically move the hose into new positions around the house in order to test the entire gutter system for leaks. Use a flashlight in dark areas, and be thorough.

4 Ways your clogged gutters will destroy your home!

  • Flooded Yard – Functioning gutters allow you to direct the drainage stream wherever you need to so that water does not ruin your lawns, drown your flowers, wash away your hedges, or erode an expensive lawn statue.
  • Pest Control Issues – prevent any unwanted pests from making your life miserable. Unobstructed, free-flowing gutters will wash away any pests that are trying to settle in.
  • Wood – Flooding will wreak havoc on all of your exposed wood surfaces.
  • Cracked foundations – Cracked foundations threaten the structural integrity of your entire home. If you noticed clogged gutters freezing up over the winter months, now is the time to handle it.

Fixing Your Gutter

Hopefully, testing your gutters for leaks won’t yield any big issues that need to be addressed, but if it does, gutter replacement or gutter repair should be carried out in a timely manner before the leaks have a chance to contribute to any significant damage. In the meantime, however, you can complete a “band aid” repair of sort on your gutters to tide it over until gutter replacement can occur by sealing the leaks with either a liquid coating or a patch.

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4 Ways Clogged Gutters Will Destroy Your Home